Privacy Policy


Thank you for your interest in Tammy Bogestrand Photography IVS and Tammy Bogestrand Images IVS – hereafter also referred to as either “TBP”, “we”, “our” or “us” for sanity’s sake. 

You can browse internet pages of TBP without having to give us any of your personal data. However, if you wish to contact our company via our website's “contact form”, we will store your e-mail address and name in order that we can get back to you.

Any information that we do collect will always be stored in a way that is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in accordance with Denmark’s data protection regulations


Who to contact

Tammy Bogestrand Photography is the “Data Processor” and “Controller” of the data we receive, and we can be contacted here:

Tammy Bogestrand Photography IVS
Lærkehaven 15
2980 Kokkedal

CVR/VAT: DK 36 50 74 89


Tel: +45 40 62 41 70



What personal data do we collect and why?

We only store and process personal data that we receive from the client (including via the contact form on our website) and that is necessary for us to do business with our clients and run a well-functioning company and website. This includes the following personal data:

      Contact information

  • name

  • address

  • telephone number

  • e-mail address


  • Photograph, where the subject is easily recognizable. Hereafter called “Portraits”

      Other Data

  • IP address

Contact information is stored for use during the course of normal business relations with clients. We store this data in order to correspond with clients, for invoicing and tax purposes, for product delivery, etc. 

Image data is stored for the purpose of delivering images to the client and for the purpose of keeping records of produced work as well as to establish, pursue or defend legal claims (e.g. copyright infringement, etc.).

By using our website,, your IP address will be registered and stored with Squarespace for statistical purposes only. We do not do profiling.

Personal data can be shared with the following online companies, all of whom are all GDPR compliant and with which there is a Data Processor agreement. Where available and possible, we will use two-step password verification in connection with our online accounts.

G Suite – Business correspondence is primarily through e-mail. We use G-mail as our e-mail system. Any information we have has been received via e-mail or the contact page of our website. E-mails from private clients are deleted within two years of the last date of correspondence.

Dinero – Our online accounting program is Dinero. We may have names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses that we have received from clients for invoicing purposes. The information will be stored for five (5) years as per Danish accounting practice.

Dropbox – Final client images are often delivered to the client via Dropbox. The images are filed in password protected folders unique to the client and/or project.  Images can remain in these online folders for up to one year depending on the client’s needs.

Adobe and Phase One – We use client-based (i.e. not online) editing software Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. from Adobe and Capture One from Phase One. In connection with the use of this software, we do back up so-called “catalogues” to either Dropbox or Adobe Creative Cloud. “Catalogues” do not contain raw images but only the data containing the edits that have been made to the raw images; thumbnail images of raw image data; and any notes made to images in the form of ratings, titles, descriptions and keywording which can include names of depicted persons.


How and why we store images

As a photography company, we create photographs, Portraits and other imagery. That is what we do. The photographs and imagery we create is the intellectual property of the photographer.

TBP store images, including raw images, on encrypted hard discs kept securely on site. Because the photographer retains the copyright to all of our images, we reserve the right to store images indefinitely for reference; for the purpose of keeping records of produced work; and to establish, pursue or defend legal claims (e.g. copyright infringement, etc.).

Unless otherwise contractually agreed (e.g via a model release), consent must be given to us in order for us to use Portraits for the photographer’s own promotion, such as publishing images on this website, promotional material, social media or the photographer’s portfolio (electronic or printed). 

Images taken in public places that are not Portraits and are not compromising require no consent in order to be used in the above-mentioned promotional material as according to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. 


We use cookies, too

The Internet pages of Tammy Bogestrand Photography IVS use cookies for statistical purposes. Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser and are used by virtually all Internet. 

For more information see our Cookie Policy.


What are your rights?

In accordance the European legislator under the GDPR, we have a duty to inform you that you have certain rights with regard to your data. 

There are very long and technical descriptions of these rights. Basically, you have the right to know what data we have from or about you, to see and receive a copy of that data and to ensure that data is correct. You also have the right to have data deleted, keeping in mind that we are obliged to keep certain data as previously described. For more information on your rights, we would rather refer you to “Your Data Matters” on the Information Commissioner’s Office of the UK.

In all cases, you can use the contact information listed under “Who to contact” for more information.